Camera Management Lessons

Camera Management

Learn everything it takes to become a professional camera operator

There are many aspects and expertise that is required to make a world class video production.   One of which is proper camera management.

Through the Canadian Invasion training process we will teach you everything you need to know in regard to still photography camera management, live action camera management,  lenses,  gimbals,  sound and light Integrations,  data storage and transfer,  industry jargon and communication,  and all of the high level knowledge associated with the above like ISO, Aputure, Shutter, and other camera settings.

When your end clients or the likes of Disney,  Universal,  Nickelodeon,  and MTV,  your camera management must be “dead on”.   We will teach you how to make these Professional Standards while also teaching you how to collaborate successfully with the rest of the production crew and project management team.

As we build a Walt Disney North (with all the trappings of the traditional production industries)  are developing very large teams across all fronts  and the camera crew is just one of many aspects of the Canadian Invasion. 

We look forward to showing you “how it’s done”.


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