Canadian Invasion Supporters

Canadian Invasion Supporters

Supporter members experience benefits far beyond the education experience

Supporter levels of the Canadian Invasion go far beyond membership participation in productions but also helps with the general business development as Canadian Invasion grows worldwide, facilitates the production needs of our community and beyond, and integrates with an ever growing series of major platforms and supporters in the world. Weekly supporters of the Canadian invasion can also benefit from discounted pricing in regard to the services at Canadian Invasion offers. These discounts are applicable in video production, still photography, and many other areas that can become quite equitable over time when the Canadian Invasion teams are put to work for you. Remember when contracting the Canadian invasion project fulfillment teams with your project, you already will be receiving a very competitive price discounted from the standard professional rate because you are enabling students to gain direct expertise while fulfilling the needs of your project. Supporters members of Canadian invasion can also receive a further discount of these services.


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