Offering a Helping Hand

Financial Help & Support

If you would like to "be with it", we can help you!

Would you like to become part of the Canadian invasion and experience the high level benefits of gold memberships or other memberships but are having hard time finding the financial budgetary means to make it all a possibility? That’s okay, because Canadian invasion is a Project based initiative that also includes education exclamation therefore you can contribute to our projects by giving your time and personal efforts in the areas of: casting, blocking, design, lighting, audio, technical support, photography, videography, post-production, musicianship, acting, and the list goes on! As you volunteer your time with Canadian invasion, a percentage of that time will go directly towards Financial contributing to your membership fees. This way everyone can afford to be part of the Canadian invasion no matter what their economic status. All you need to become part of a Canadian invasion is a willingness to learn, a desire to work well with others, and a deep yearning for great success in your life we will help you achieve. The rest from there will be easy.

Become a member of Canadian Invasion

Become a member by supporting a participant, taking part in our ongoing classes that give real-world experience, or even enjoy the corporate benefits of working directly with your team in many ways.

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