Careers @ Canadian Invasion

Now is your chance to be part of something truly great!

Sponsorship Managers

Would you like to assume a position where you can gain sponsors and members for Canadian Invasion while creating a full time career opportunity for yourself? We would love to hear from you!

Project Sales

Have you always wanted to be a part of a large entertainment industry movement and would like to sell / promote some of the many services we provide, let us know.

Leader / Educator / Manager

Are you an industry professional that would like to become part of our movement Give us a shout!

Become a member of Canadian Invasion

Become a member by supporting a participant, taking part in our ongoing classes that give real-world experience, or even enjoy the corporate benefits of working directly with your team in many ways.

Shop Canadian Invasion Services

Shop from the many services Canadian Invasion provides and not only experinece a world-class service, but also know that you are directly giving opportunity for students to learn their craft.

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