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Are you a YouTuber,  video blogger,  podcaster,  where any production hosting talent is looking for either a production facility to shoot & broadcast from,  or production team to develop with you?   Your search can now be over.   Whether you need be that of a Joe Rogan type experience,  or a more food and dynamic on-site shooting experience,  our Canadian Invasion teams will travel with you to produce a world-class result in a really cool and affordable way.

Let us know your vision, direction,  dreams,  and aspirations;  and we’ll do our best to serve you and make your dreams become a reality.

Our Canadian Invasion / Spalding Canada training professionals can guide you through your own productions,  or we can turnkey your productions for you.  

The Spalding Canada production team already has Spalding Canada features that you can review, but we look forward to hearing from you to take the next steps in your journey of success.

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