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The Original Cast

From Fab 5 to a cast of 25

The journey began where I hand-picked some of the top students of my music production school all the time. The last thing I wanted to do was to create a massive cattle call where too many people wanted to join the movement that was underway. I wanted to keep things tight to my chest and with those that I can trust. To the quiet selection process, I precast roughly 25 artists ranging in age, passion, and capability. The plot of this show was to be the journey of a number of children in a private school vying for an opportunity to work with Andrew Lane at Disney Studios. Sound familiar? LOL

The show would run much like Fame of the 1980s, where musical numbers will be intermixed with dramatic character arcs and story developments that would leave the viewer fully involved and at the edge of their seat. I had custom-written 12 episodes that illustrated the skills of each cast member while also matching their natural personality. This approach saved me from eating to provide High-Level Training for individuals to move from their natural baseline as an actor. Though now thinking about either adapting the script or rewriting the content for the new cast moving forward.

Just as we were fixing the ramp-up with major fundraisers, community awareness, and other exciting things, 2019 hit us and y’all know what that brought.

The project then turned into an online training experience where I continued to train the team in production strategies while preparing to shoot viral videos to get us started. Unfortunately during this time and the seemingly unending Madness of that era, a number of kids aged out of their anticipated roles and the project now had to be rethought and re-developed.

Two Master's Classes Are Here!

October 4th and 5th

The internationally renowned Andrew Lane (producer of Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Princess Diaries, and many others) is coming to Canada the first week of October for the Canadian Invasion.

During this time he will be hosting two master classes along-side Zeus Settles (a fellow top producer in the USA as well).

Andrew Lane is a pop-hip hop-R&B record producer and songwriter. He was born in San Diego, California.
Drew has worked with artists such as Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. As a producer and songwriter, Lane has received gold and platinum accreditations[2] for his work with R&B artists Speech, Keith Sweat, and Alsou. He also worked on the platinum-accredited records High School Musical, Hannah Montana,[3] Disneymania 4, and Manny Fresh.

Philadelphia born and raised and has worked within the ranks of Philadelphia/New York company to include “Boyz II Men,” (Mark Pitts, manager of the Notorious B.I.G.), Troy Carter initial worldwide Manager of pop star “Lady Gaga” and previous Manager of “Eve” and many others while writing, directing and developing music videos and television pilots. During that time he got to learn the industry ropes from the inside by riding along with Mark Pitts in daily day-to-day operations of his management company, while directing the careers of his platinum artist “Biggie Smalls” and “Changing Faces.” Further developing his experience and love for writing, he began to work behind the scenes with a D.C. Production headed by Howard Gibson which starred the Award winning Morgan Freeman. Zeus, in which how David is often referred, started as a Production Assistant on the “Guilt by Association” music video short, soon after advancing to the Key PA, then on to A.D. the project in the first two days of production. His passion for the entertainment business has excelled him in countless other projects to including writing and producing records with his daughter Deja. At the tender age of 13, Deja and Zeus would work close with the producer of the famed “High School Musical” soundtrack, Andrew Lane. Collectively producing many records to include the first single of Disney Channels actor/singer, Coco Jones song, “Sweet 13.” Today Zeus is very busy with various projects and still in the business of nurturing young talent along with his talented team of music makers. He says “he was blessed to do great things yesterday, but the best…!” “Never stop writing!”

The two of them will be live and interactive speaking about everything from: How to get noticed by labels, to how to move like a label. For the already established professional, they will reveal great strategies for further success, and for those new to the industry, they will guide you on how to best get started. These two days will guaranteed leave you with a life-long impression, a new pep to your step and a new toolkit for your further development.

In order to provide the best experience possible, class sizes are intentionally extremely small and we expect to sell out very quickly! Learn more about our master classes by clicking here or ask us a question by emailing:

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