Proper Storyboarding


Peroperly storyboard your idea and make future communication and shoot dates all the easier

The first step in taking a script and turning it into a full screen experience is storyboarding.   This process is unique to every director.  There are also industry standard techniques and notation principles that we will help you navigate through as Canadian Invasion directors and educators.  You need not be a sketch artist to build successful storyboards.   We will show you how this and many more assumptions  are not true about storyboarding while also giving you the direction and performance experience to acutely craft this craft yourself.


 At Canadian Invasion, we are building the leaders of tomorrow as we fulfill the many parallel projects requiring directorship and storyboarding expertise.   We have successfully created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many and we’re glad that you’re joining our team.



Making world history right now!

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