Sound Design

Sound Design

Learn about sound design for studios, sets and stages

 When working in video production,  proper sound design is a must.   Understanding a room in its natural reflections,  and even understanding recording studio on how to architect one,  all are important parts of a successful project.


 The Canadian Invasion sound design programs will teach you how to handle sound on a set,  sound in the studio,  and even how to generate foley  or a completely artificial or 3D generated scene.


 The possibilities are Limitless fluency delve into the deeper areas of sound design.


 For example:  did you know that the common laser sound effect used in sci-fi films originally came from hitting a wrench against a high tension power line wire?

 Did you know that the sound of alien spacecraft can be generated a recording the side of a crash symbal or ride?

The journey is Limitless, and we look forward to walking it with you.


Making world history right now!

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