Soft Skills Management

Soft Skills Management

Work with people and manage a workforce most effectively with Canadian Invasion trainig

General set management goes far beyond understanding how to run cameras cue audio and set light positions. Successful soft skills like people management and collaborative capabilities are often what makes and breaks a good shoot day.   Working with Caterers, extras, and agents, and many other moving parts. The Canadian Invasion training process will teach you the foundations of all the soft skills required behind a successful production.


 When you look at the closing credits of any major production, or the liner notes of any Stage production, you will notice that every production takes a great team of not only cast, but also many directors and facilitators. Building a Walt Disney North free of the traditional trappings of the entertainment industry is no exception to that rule, but in fact an exponential doubling down of this truth.


Our master classes will teach you all that you need to know to succeed in this area in the industry.



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