Shot Composition

Learn the foundations of extraordinary photography

Knowing how to run a camera is only part of the large success of a production.   Rules like  working with “leading lines” and dividing compositions into “thirds” is only the start of good shot composition.   And if we already spoke above your head by making the last statement,  not to worry,  our trainers are here to train you and all things.   Through Canadian Invasion you’ll get the opportunity to not only learn all the above and more,  but also put into direct practice right away as you fulfill projects for major labels and production companies as well as local individuals alike.


 The Canadian Invasion opportunity is second to none for anyone who wants to get into the industry of production.  We detail the learning around what your personal desires are and we'll also give you industry expertise that is unparalleled.   Once you give us a shout we’ll fill you in with more details.



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