Shot Planning

Plan your shots well and produce unmistakable results

 Movies and TV features don’t just happen out of nowhere.  In fact far more time is spent location scouting,  storyboarding,  shot planning,  and post-producing,  than any other time on set.


As we build world-class productions here with Canadian invasion,  we are teaching you “how it is done” from an industry perspective,  our series of master classes and project implementation goals well not only give you the opportunity to succeed in every area but also equip you with the ability to learn everything you might need to learn to forge your success in this industry.

Our team teaches you on how to manage a set,  plan a set,  and develop everything required to make a world class production.  

 When your end clients are heavy weights like Universal and Walt Disney,  your expertise must be second to none and with her industry trainers we’ll give you both the learning and experience to make it all happen.

Thank you for being part of the Canadian invasion.


Making world history right now!

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