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Where we are now and our continual growth

In December of 2022 I worked with Alex Ruth (affectionately known as Vader) to convert the bottom half of his home to a production studio and performance space.  This is the first location for Canadian Invasion training and production:  



This achievement has been met with great success.  With dozens of photo shoots, video shoots, and now music production projects out of the space, this location is now a top location for not only training, but also production in Central Ontario. 

Here is a brief overview of the development:

Within a matter of months however, we had already grown out of that space have now expanded to a larger unit in downtown barrie.  We also expect to grow out of this new space rather quickly. 


Canadian Invasion is now (and will continue to be) a joint venture between the well-established and multi-award winning school: Spaulding School of The Arts (www.spauldingschoolofthearts.com), the relatively new production company and record label Spaulding Canada (www.spauldingcanada.ca) and a host of other partnering groups (commercial and private) across Canada and the United States ranging from the talents of Andrew Lane (at Walt Disney / Nickelodeon), Zeus Settles as well as many others to make the dreams of so many come true.  The Canadian Invasion is now a large community initiative where members of our community local and international play an important role in the development of not only this project, but also the music and general production industry in Canada as a whole.  We presently are facilitating the goals, dreams, and career aspirations of many young and upcoming artists, and there are many ways you can get involved in this dream-come-true for so many.


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