Plugins & Digital Audio Workstations

Plugins & DAWs

Learn the ropes and become quickly competent with plugins and Digital Audio Workstations

 In this digital age of recording media, there is a near infinite number of plugins to work with.   All of which can bring out the best in a performance.   It also growing a number of DAWs (digital audio workstations)  to get the job done:
Pro Tools

Studio One


 Or industry standards that all can be taught.   We assure you’ve also heard of DAWs like:

 Ableton Live

 FL Studio

 And Logic Pro

 All DAWs are built upon the same foundations,  and once those foundations are learned, transferable knowledge can apply to all the above as you determine your niche as an audio producer.

The Canadian Invasion production and education programs will teach you far more than just how to manage a Daw handle the session,  but we’ll also give you Real World Experience from day one in areas of  radio single tracking,  right through to post-production  for video projects.   The sky’s the limit and we’re all having a ton of fun!  Come join us!


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