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New Beginnings

The launching of a label and the dawning of a new history for Canada

I unfortunately had to put Canadian Invasion on hold for a couple of years, but things never do truly stop.   And this time I spent some of my at-home time to release my first song under my record label ( after spending a good decade producing songs for others and adding to their award-winning statuses).  My Anthem []  was written as a song of spiritual encouragement for those going to the dark years of 2020 to 2022.   Within days of release, it began charting on a number of charts worldwide, maintaining a position of first on reverb nation for weeks at a time as well as #1 first on the internationally acclaimed Event Digital platform.   New company music videos are also a great hit on that platform.   It was not my desire at that time however to grow my personal music career as I had much larger Ambitions to fulfill.   I set my sights on developing the record label and production company even further.

I put up a cute little video for the city of Barrie where I showcase how I quickly produce Music Live on the spot from my Collingwood studio:

Prior to this time, only students and contracted work saw this side of my production expertise, it was fun to produce on a computer that could barely handle the video editing demands at that time LOL.  But was well-received nonetheless. I also produced a 22-part arrangement of Coldplay’s Fix You song that is yet to be released. Song was intended to be sung by the cast of the Canadian Invasion as part of the viral Outreach.  We will see what the future brings.

With these exposures I gained the attention of other mover-and-shaker artists in Ontario.  Jay Edwards and his family moved from Toronto to Barrie to further his career with me as we began production on the songs:

Dead Is The Line:

Makeshift Rockstars:

And a number of other songs. 

Monica Nia also joined with the desire to work directly with Andrew Lane as well as other producers I happen to work with south of the border. If you know me well, you will know that I am not a name-dropper.  I just “get things done” on projects as I always do.

This brings me to where we are today:

Spaulding Canada is now fully developed as a record label and is connected to a number of major industry facilitators South of the Border.  Some are located in California, others in Philadelphia and New York, etc.  Canadian Invasion has now gone far beyond the original “television show”,  and is now operating more true to what Andrew Lane first envisioned with Damian Spaulding: a direct and friendly invasion of talent to south of the border and world-wide!   I am presently working directly with New York talents as a central hub to reach worldwide distribution and success. We'll also be training a new team.

 I would love you to join us in our journey.



Making world history right now!

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