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Our parent company Spaulding Canada was first a record label before a video production company.   This record label was founded by multi-award winning producer Damian Spaulding, and has been there to help this growth of success of musicians Across Canada and worldwide.   Part of that process is providing world-class music videos. 

When you do a search on YouTube for Spalding Canada you will find its Channel and some of the music videos that have been published.  Dead Is The Line for Jay Edwards is one.  My Anthem by Damian Spaulding is another.  A growing number of titles are in the work.  It is just a matter of keeping up to all of the requests from musicians.

As Damian often says,  building a music video is one of the most demanding video achievements that can be made.  Because you have only three minutes to communicate an entire story using only visuals and within a perfect meter of a Beat.   We look forward to taking our understanding of music videos and of the music industry and music videos as a whole,  to make your music video project an incredible success!

We look forward to providing your music production and video production needs as well.


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