Lighting Design

Learn to design light like a true professional

It was a great deal of expertise,  knowledge, patience and perseverance that goes into becoming a Director of Photography for a major shoot,  lighting design is often what makes or breaks  a dramatic performance.  That mix was audio and other details.

Our lighting design education approaches teach the foundations that are both used in still photography and live action for photography through video production.  Each student learns how lighting is handled both in a controlled fashion onset,  as well as with natural light on location.  And strategies for subsidizing natural light with artificial light while still looking natural.  

 For management of light plays such a major role in the production it can’t be understated,  and we spend an extraordinary amount of time teaching this craft.   The proof is already in the pudding.

To look at some past shoots that Spalding Canada has done, check out #SpaulidngShoot on any major social platform.  Or also view

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