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 Are you ready for affordable headshots with highly professional results?   The Canadian Invasion student photographers, and photographer trainers, have created an opportunity where you or your corporation can experience world-class headshot results at a fraction of the price they would normally cost when our trainee students are involved.   Or if you’re looking for the true Royal Executive Treatment for your headshot experience, trainer photographers will also available themselves for your needs.

The Canadian invasion and Spalding Canada crew have built many headshots ranging from industry portfolio exposures to the standard corporate Affair for guest speakers.   Our results speak for themselves and as you’d expect from a student driven experience, our prices are equally competitive.   Us providing headshots for you also gives our students an opportunity to refine their craft as they ramp up in their new industry of choice.   In essence, you help them gain experience while also benefiting from world-class results.   We look forward to working with you.

The headshot shown on this page, it’s actually the headshot of Damian Spaulding (the Executive Director, Producer, Visionary and General Educator) of the Canadian Invasion.   It was a headshot taken as a timed  exposure at one of his Studios.    As most headshots taken by Spalding Canada and the Canadian Invasion are not made public for general sharing, This will give you at least a brief look at the kind of work that can be done for  you.

Headshots need not be standard corporate in look and feel. Headshots can also be made playful as well as unique in many different ways.  Often corporations hire Spalding Canada and the Canadian Invasion to take headshots of their entire staff in one day.

For example of past work you can also check out the hashtag #spauldingshoot on any major platform or view www.spauldingcanada.ca for more high-level information.


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