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These are exciting ties in Canada and there are many ways to get involved.

At the deepest levels, Canadian Invasion is not for the faint of heart.  Canadian Invasion is for individuals that take very seriously the opportunity at hand and are willing to be trained and perform in the area of the industry that they desire the most.  Our process is presently building a “Walt-Disney North” (without the standard trappings associated with the legacy industry), and it is a major initiative to say the least.  We can only do it with our ever growing and highly skilled teams.  

You need not have experience to join the Canadian Invasion as this is an education opportunity as well as a performance and career opportunity for many.  We are actively developing the leaders of tomorrow and bringing the best education and performance experience as possible today.  This includes education and facilitation in the areas of: music,  drama,  dance,  video and audio production,  business development,  social media and brand management,  and the list goes on.   There’s no age limit to involvement with the Canadian invasion and you can learn more about our process here______

Canadian Invasion is a membership based opportunity that not only includes education and direct participation, but also community financial contribution and contracting with our teams to fulfill projects that just may positively impact your life.  LEARN MORE


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