Mixing and mastering

General Mixing

Learn how to mix like the true professional you can be

A mixologist is someone who takes great care and learning how to mix and produce the best music and arrangements possible. Mixing music is an art form it’s never ending in his complexity and infinitely rewarding the deeper you dive. Damien Spalding the producers that he works with have all won awards for the songs that they’ve mixed and produced and they’re here to teach you as a part of the Canadian invasion how to build the best mixes as possible. Mixing classes include areas like: How to plan out a track How to make room within a track for many sophisticated layers Of course Basics like proper EQ, compression, limiting, dynamic expansion, and other details. If we were to go on to include all the areas that General mixing would covers a part of the Canadian Invasion training process common this one pager become a quick encyclopedia. As we produce the next great engineers to help Canada the music charts and movie and television media internationally, we look forward to teaching you on how to become one of the industry’s greats.


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