Financial Management

Financial Management

Success in finances often has more to do with the management of finances than the earning. Let us know you how.

Often individuals succeed and fail not as a result of their God-given Talent, but actually by how well they manage their time and finances. The truth is, often the entire first year of establishing a business is an investment of self with no immediate financial return. It is year two, three, four and even five where things really grow for the entrepreneur. This and many other important details are discussed in our master’s classes for all Canadian Invasion members that participate. We will teach you how to not get lost in the hype of establishing a business or brand, keep yourself protected against economic collapse or failure while also growing yourself for long term success in the content creation industry.

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Become a member by supporting a participant, taking part in our ongoing classes that give real-world experience, or even enjoy the corporate benefits of working directly with your team in many ways.

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