Commercial Videography

Product Releases,  Brand Awareness,  30 Second Commercials, Reels,  Jingles,  Informative Promotions, Training videos.

All of which have been done with our Canadian invasion and Spalding Canada production teams.   Canadian invasion allows you to have the experience of working with a world-class production crew, without the world class production costs.   We take our Walt Disney ready production gear  and production approaches to you in order to provide the absolute most professional experience,  at the most affordable price.


 Your corporate videography fulfillment enables our emerging new teams to hone their skills at becoming the world class videographers that they’re growing to be.  In essence, we all win as we work together to make a great achievements together.

 If we build in this capacity it is 100% unique and our website will not go into detail here,  but give us a call and we’ll “scope” things out!   Looking forward to hearing from you!

For example of past work you can also check out the hashtag #spauldingshoot on any major platform or view for more information.


Making world history right now!

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