Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Professional results by our professional photography trainers and students

 Do you have a product that you’d like to shoot?  Are you needing models to promote a new clothing line or something of that sort?   Do you have a very difficult shot that you need world-class photography done?


 A Canadian Invasion photographic team is there to provide you a service that is not only affordable,  but very professional as our professional and well celebrated photography trainers bring that great professional edge to the still photography you deserve.

As our students and trainers ramp up to produce new achievements for major players like Walt Disney Nickelodeon and Universal,  their expertise can be provided to you for your project as well.


 Canadian Invasion access and opportunity for young and emerging artists to become top in their field while providing services for you. Please let us know how we can help you.

For example of past work you can also check out the hashtag #spauldingshoot on any major platform or view for more information.


Making world history right now!

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