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Andrew Lane

 As you would expect from any opportunity founded from the multi-award-winning services of Spalding School the Arts,  Damian Spaulding,  Spaulding Canada as well as partnering groups and individuals,  Canadian invasion is unlike anything else ever imagined.  


 Here’s a brief little video that Andrew Lane at Walt Disney / Universal Studios shared with Damian spaulding and team at the dawning of Canadian Invasion.

Damian had asked Drew (as we call him) to be all LA when he first said hello to the team. Therefore, over his shoulder, you’ll see a number of awards from some of his accomplishments. These are truly exciting times for Canada!


Two Master's Classes Are Here!

October 4th and 5th

The internationally renowned Andrew Lane (producer of Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Princess Diaries, and many others) is coming to Canada the first week of October for the Canadian Invasion.

During this time he will be hosting two master classes along-side Zeus Settles (a fellow top producer in the USA as well).

The two of them will be live and interactive speaking about everything from: How to get noticed by labels, to how to move like a label. For the already established professional, they will reveal great strategies for further success, and for those new to the industry, they will guide you on how to best get started. These two days will guaranteed leave you with a life-long impression, a new pep to your step and a new toolkit for your further development.

In order to provide the best experience possible, class sizes are intentionally extremely small and we expect to sell out very quickly! Learn more about our master classes by clicking here or ask us a question by emailing:

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