General Artist Management Services

Business & General Management Services

Let us handle the business while we teach you how to manage it

It is our opinion that the term starving artist does not exist because “there’s no money in art”  but rather because the standard “artist”  often fails in the business and general management directions for their achievements.

 As you would expect, it takes a fair amount of business expertise to deal with multinational corporations as a Canadian Invasion does.   We can also help you do the same.

So our Canadian Invasion team of professionals and trainees  can help you with areas like:
Brand Awareness
Brand Development
Time Management
Team Management
Project Collaboration
Project Design & Strategic Thinking
Plan Implementation
Corporate strategizing and implementation
Website Management
Social Management
Client Communication
And the list can go on and on.

Let us know your needs, and we will be here to serve you.

Become a member of Canadian Invasion

Become a member by supporting a participant, taking part in our ongoing classes that give real-world experience, or even enjoy the corporate benefits of working directly with your team in many ways.

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