Bring that extra touch of class to your production

There are a few things that separate a basic video production from a world class production.  Audio recording techniques, lighting techniques, of course dramatic presentation, but one that is commonly left out is one of the most important to make a scene “feel real”;  and that is foley.

Foley is an entire art to itself,  where you take a live scene and edit-in all the sound effects that you would associate with that scene:
Doors opening

 Footsteps  planting themselves on concrete and grass

 Even the sound of fans and traffic in the background is what makes a scene believable but is often overlooked in a production.   Compare a “B” movie to a standard industry movie  and you will see exactly what we mean.

 As we build world class productions with Canadian Invasion,  we are here to also provide foley services for your production.

Let our student team make all the difference in your upcoming production.


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